Benefits of Travel Alone and Have Fun

But, the suggestion may be valid because more and more travelers like to travel alone. What drives so many travelers to try this fun and exciting way to travel for the holidays? A lot of things!

Reasons to Travel Alone

Planning is easier

When traveling without friends, family or in a group, it’s easy to plan your trip – the only route is the one you choose. There are no agreements on where to visit the site, go shopping or just enjoy a glass of plonk in a sidewalk cafe. You go where you want at the time you want.

Take A Little Time

Today, everyone complains about the way we are connected. Travel alone and disconnect from everyone. Traveling alone gives you a lot of time for me.”You don’t need to go off the grid, because traveling alone gives you the chance to reflect on your life and enjoy your own company.

Find New Friends

If you wish, you can make new friends. Many fear that traveling alone will be a lonely journey. Many are mistaken. One idea is to find restaurants where you can dine at the bar. Bars are great vacation spots to make new friends who are fellow travelers or locals. Speaking the language of the holiday destination is also useful for making friends abroad.

In this sense, traveling alone leads you to become more assertive. If you want to meet new people and make new friends, you need to take the initiative. If you are not politically assertive, how will you meet people?

Smile a lot and people are easily won over. But, be discriminating when you start a new relationship that goes beyond conservation. Another great way to meet new people is to stay in a hostel or other shared accommodation.

Boost Your Confidence

Traveling alone is great for your confidence. Experiencing not-known things when you are alone allows you to soak up the experience and feel triumphant when you taste a new dish, walk an not-known path or visit a new place. It adds to your self-confidence. Some veterans of the travel industry believe that traveling solo is a wonderful form of self-indulgence.

Stick to your Spending Limits

Travel and money seem to create stress in people who travel. Traveling with others increases this stress because you can go to places to eat or stay that are beyond your budget – but your friend or travel group really wants to go there. Traveling alone, you can buy bread, cheese and a drink and eat in a park. It’s your money, spend it the way you want.

Stimulate Your Creativity

Many find inspiration by traveling alone. Artists draw new environments and writers blog or keep a diary.

Learning to Make Decisions

It is certain that traveling alone teaches you to make decisions. After all, there is no one to ask for advice because you are alone. If you make a bad decision, you own it. When you make a good decision, it belongs to you too. Every decision you make, from where you eat to where you go and where you sleep is yours and yours alone.

Some Unsolicited for advice

Health care abroad is not the same as health care at home. If you are seriously ill or health-issue, take out medical evacuation insurance.

Be safe when traveling solo. Traveling alone is far from being as peril as the media would have you believe. Nevertheless, when traveling alone, follow a few rules such as,

Stay on well-traveled and well-lit streets after dark. Don’t drink until you’re lost. Keep a business card of the place where you are staying so that you know the address. Leave someone at home a copy of your basic itinerary and call them at pre-arranged times.

The staff was friendly and helpful. They have no reason to want to “get you”, so there is no need to be suspicious of everyone. Trust your intuitions -they are usually right.

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