Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan

The second month of summer has just begun and invites us to design a unique escape to the most beautiful regions of the world. Festivals, breathtaking landscapes, and endless enjoyment options await you this month. Discover special trips and immerse yourself in the magic of summer below!

Ramadan in the Middle East

You may have been advised to avoid traveling to the Middle East and other Muslim-majority regions during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. We recommend the opposite! From the end of June to the end of July, most Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, with devotion to their religion. It is a month that radically changes the atmosphere and the daily rhythm of an entire region, making the Middle East an ideal destination for any traveler.

Non-Muslims are welcome to participate in many aspects of the tradition and are likely to invite you for a hearty meal after sunset or for a light lunch in large tents, smoking shisha and playing traditional games until the wee hours. It is impossible not to get carried away by the intense spirituality of the day and the festive atmosphere of the night. You need to remember that people here work fewer hours this month, so most restaurants are closed during the day and regardless of your own beliefs, you should not eat or drink in public, respecting their traditions.

Geneva, Switzerland

You might think that visiting Switzerland in the summer is like drinking decaffeinated coffee to wake up! You’re wrong. The charm of the country lasts all year round, either covered with snow, or the sun reflecting the landscapes of crystal clear lakes. There is no better destination to see this magnificent landscape up close, from the lyrical landscapes of Lake Geneva. Change your ski boots with hiking boots and hot chocolate with plonk, enjoy your swim in the largest lake in Western Europe and visit one of the best jazz festivals in the world.

Vineyards decorate the slopes along the shores of Lake Geneva, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list, forming the Lauvaux plonk region, where you can walk among the vineyards and enjoy delicious plonk walks through the villages.

Kansai, Japan

Summer in Japan is the season of festivals, fireworks and junk food. If you want to enjoy all three, visit Kansai in July, participating in two of the largest festivals in the country. The Gion Matsuri, the most famous festivals in Japan, takes place throughout the month in the ancient capital of Kyoto. Don’t miss the Big Parade on July 17, when the city is overflow with impressive floats and the locals sing.

A week after, the Tenjin Matsuri will take place in Osaka on July 24 and 25. Here, a procession of locals and Mikoshi move through the streets in the direction of the river, where they are waiting for dozens of illuminated boats. The highlight of the celebration is a fireworks display. In both festivals, you have to taste the best fried products from Kansai, such as tako-yaki, yakitori, okonomiyaki, yaki-soba and many others.

Discover the outdoors, Iceland

In July, the Icelandic days last about 20 hours and the weather is mild. It’s peak season and while the most popular attractions like the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik are overflow with people, the warm weather means that the icy winter roads are open, inviting you to explore the not-known parts of Iceland.

Hiking, biking, horseback riding and kayaking are just some of the activities that will keep you out of the house. Discover the beauty of fjords, glaciers, Gorges, Meadows and many small islands and learn all about the Legends of the elves, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. Visit Hornstrandir, an uninhabited peninsula that is one of the last large wilderness areas in Europe or the popular Thorsmörk, a green valley protected by glaciers.

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