Discover the West Coast of New Zealand

The west coast of New Zealand is one of those places that will be etched in our minds. When visiting New Zealand, it is definitely advisable to pay a lot of attention to this coast, and how awesome it is.

When planning a trip, you always end up looking for the most popular places to get an idea of the place and country, then give way to more elaborate planning by focusing on places you didn’t know until then. Once you’ve decided on the west coast of New Zealand you should go to all the main sights:

  • Milford Sound
  • Fox Glacier and Franz Joseph
  • More From Matheson
  • Pancake Rocks

They really are the most spectacular places in this part of the coast, especially north of downtown.

To get to the west coast, you have to start at Lake Wanaka. For many, this route goes unnoticed because it starts off with the traditional caravan route, but we recommend a small detour for this little trip, which is sure to fascinate you. We can say that New Zealand is magical, as driving on the roads is also a real pleasure. It will be more than three hours before you see the nervous sea off the west coast of New Zealand.

As soon as you get to the sea, you will notice that the beaches have a really beautiful, but unique attraction. You may feel that you are on the brink of the end of the world. In addition, New Zealand has a population of just 4.5 million and more than 70 per cent of them are on the North Island, making it easier for deer than humans to speak in these areas.


Walking on the beach, you realize that the sea rules. Branches, trunks, and stones give the appearance of being thousands of years old. The tour then continues to drive along the west coast to the North. Next stops are New Zealand’s best-known glaciers Fox and Franz Joseph. What might impress you the most is that to get there you first have the chance to walk through subtropical forest near a glacier and just 30 miles from the coast. Something unprecedented and unique in the world.

Continue north to Lake Matheson, the most photographed Lake in New Zealand. In this part of the west coast, between Greymouth and Pancake Rocks, it’s worth stopping to enjoy the scenery.

Nearby is one of the most popular places on New Zealand’s West Coast, Pancake Rocks. The place is famous for its limestone formations, which led to corridors and narrow gorges where the sea bravely steps in and makes a surprising noise. This sound is like a buzz that gets louder and louder as it gets closer, like catching a wave or like a bomb falling from an airplane. In addition, promenades have been created for tourists to enjoy watching the waves beating against the formation.

When you leave this point, your best bet is to stay in one of the mountains next to the Sea overlooking the cliffs or go to Lake Nelson.

Where to sleep?

There are many charming B & Bs, campsites and hotels on the West Coast. All hotels have free WIFI internet access so you can enjoy New Zealand’s enjoyment before continuing your long journey. If you’re travelling by car or motorhome, there are plenty of points to stay in, although there are always holiday parks if you want to recharge your “batteries.” If you are travelling by car are our recommendations.

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