Exotic Destination to Travel in Hawaii

Hawaii never fails to satisfy every type of traveler. Those who are looking for the white beaches to enjoy hours of intense relaxation, those who want to immerse themselves in the rainforest, those who want to experience first hand the excitement of an island that continues to grow due to the eruption of volcanoes and, finally, those who just want to eat fish, surf and discover the tranquility of a life without the hectic pace.

Here are some of the best places you can visit in Hawaii for the vacation of a lifetime.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Big Island)

A visit to this National park is undoubtedly a sensation like no other. You will have the opportunity to observe the landscape that has been created by the lava over the years, as well as to lava channels recently established.

The scenic road to Hana (Maui)

This is one of the best scenic drives in all of Hawaii, a road that will lead to the discovery of valleys where nature still lives completely untouched, the discovery of dizzying cliffs that rise above the sea and the discovery of more than 50 waterfalls.

Kailua (O’ahu)

Those who do not like excessive tourism, crowds and noise usually choose Kailua for their vacation in Hawaii. It is a small town with a bay protected by coral reefs, white sand and it always has ideal conditions for kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Pearl Harbor (O’ahu)

Hawaii has a lot to offer from a historical point of view. Don’t forget the strike on Pearl Harbor. In O’ahu it is possible to visit the USS Arizona Memorial and you can see a submarine dating back to World Debate II.

Kealakekua Bay (Big Island)

This bay is ideal if you want to take a look at the many colorful fish that live in the waters of Hawaii. You can come here by kayak, catamaran, boat or by land can bring water. However, do not forget that if you decide to walk there you will definitely need a good pair of hiking boots.

Hanalei Bay (Kaua’i)

This is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Hawaii, but all of the United States of America. Here you can relax, surf with waves that are always perfect and you can even take surfing lessons. There is also a nice pier where you can have an outdoor barbecue. Stay in one of the Hanalei bay rentals on your next trip to the Bay.

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