Live Like Shepherd for a Day in Spain

The Pyrenees have a strong presence in the geography and history of the Iberian Peninsula. In the heart of these mountains, we find the sector corresponding to Aragon and it is there where we will move to live like real shepherds for a day, taking care of livestock and learning the profession in the museum of sheep.

From a geographical point of view, the Pyrenees are a mountain range located between Spain, Andorra and France that stretches for 415 km from the Mediterranean Sea to Cape Creus in the east end, to Cape Higuerby in the Cantabrian Sea in the Bay of Biscay, in the West End.

On this side, the Pyrenees are about 150 km wide. The central Pyrenees are the geographical area of the Pyrenees that extends approximately between the Somport Peaks (The only mountain pass of the central Pyrenees that is usually available all year round, with the exception of those of exceptional snowfall) and the Maladeta massif (with its highest peak of 3308 meters of altitude), in the East.

A few kilometers from the historic town of Jaca we find the museum of sheep, a space of cultural dissemination that lets us know the life cycle of sheep, Queens and ladies of this landscape.

The long breeding history of these animals in the Aragonese valleys can be followed in this multimedia museum to understand the tasks and life of these shepherds.

However, what most approaches us in this work that is still being carried out is to become a shepherd for a day, here we can be ready to rid ourselves of all the “urbanite” we have and become the sheep friend.

A day to share tasks and meet sheep as we cross different paths and spend our time in the old school way, being part of the landscape and developing the pastoral tasks of each season of the year.

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