The Unknown Island of the Mediterranean

Lost islands in the Mediterranean. The Princes’ Islands in Turkey, Hemingway’s Capri, places that will amaze you from the first glance. We explore the five most beautiful, known and not-known.

Capri, Italy

There is nowhere in the world where you will find so many corners of total peace, as in this small island, Dickens wrote to Capri from the 19th century and Hemingway adds: you can be whatever you want and say whatever you want. So leave out your suitcase ties, crisp shirts and formal dresses and walk barefoot on the beaches, talking to local fishermen. At 18 o’clock, when the boats with the tourists flee the Blue Cave, we decide to visit each other and admire the strange interior. At sunset, take a walk in the town of Anacapri, at the top of the island and taste the traditional drink of southern Italy, limoncello.

Menorca, Spain

Ten thousand visitors from outside Spain, most of them artists, fell in love with its pristine beaches and relaxed everyday life. For these people, Mallorca’s little sister, full of stone, is now a second home. Our attention is focused on the talaiot, megalithic monuments of the Bronze Age, despite the appearance of instability, have been standing for almost 2,000 years. But the caves have time to dig mares, whose sandstone was built and houses the palette plays on white like the color of bronze. The most beautiful of them is the Pedreres de S’hostal: a labyrinth carved by the hand of man from the Paleolithic age, the most magical backdrop for the celebration of the August full moon. As for the beaches, there are about 100 of them, they can only be reached on foot or by sea. The Sul, Son Saura, Cala Turqueta and Cala Mitjana stand out, with fine white sand and pine trees that reach the sea.

Ile de Bendor, France

The island of Bendor is located 50 kilometers southeast of Marseille, just 7 minutes by boat from the coastal town of Bandol. It is a product of the ambition of Paul Ricard, the eccentric businessman behind Pastis Ricard, the famous Marseille drink. Ricard bought the island in the 50s to create a private sanctuary where they entertained friends, including Jacques Cousteau and Salvador Dali. After it turned into a resort, which could enjoy the whole world. You will find 63 rooms in different buildings, the most notable of which is The Delos, a 19-room hotel with elegant antique Spanish furniture and chandeliers. There are also eight cottages, four restaurants, a diving school and a strange museum dedicated to plonks and alcohol.

Chergui, Tunisia

Desert and sea. Between these two lies the charm of Kerkennah, an archipelago composed of five islands, of which only two are inhabited: the Chergui and Gharbi. To reach the first, you need to board a ferry departing from the port city of Sfax. On the island, spend hours relaxing by walking on the beach, swimming in the waters full of life and meditating in the afternoon, while the sun makes you dive into the sea. If you want even more calm, even more contact with their island nature, resort to El Attaia in the north-eastern part of Chergui: a charming fishing village, the quiet bar where you drink sweet mint tea, chatting with local fishermen. The best hotels are located in Sidi Fredj.

Inexpensive flights to Princes Islands, Turkey

Full of Istanbul, we embark on one of the boats crossing the Sea of Marmara. Direction the Kizil Adalar: nine wooded islands, places of exile of the Byzantine princes. The biggest is the Buyukada: the rotating carriage rides, a unique mode of transport, as well as the bicycles and the wooden villas of the bourgeoisie of 1800, enhance the fin de siècle atmosphere. We walk up to the Orthodox monastery of St. George, embraced by pine trees and perish in time at the outdoor tables of the cafe.

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